"Chop Club Vision 20/20" Referral Program

Chop Club Vision 20/20" Referral Program for our Chop Club members

We all know that once you join Chop Club, you never leave Chop Club, right?  

 You all know the exclusive benefits that the Chop Club provides!  Why not tell a family member, a friend or a work colleague about our program? We are calling this program "Chop Club Vision 20/20". 

 Until March 31st, 2021 if you can get a person to sign up to Chop Club, you BOTH get a ONE TIME 20% discount on any order over $150 (that's a minimum $30 reward). This 20% discount is valid on ALL menu items including alcohol but cannot be used with the weekly meal package discount program.  Discount Code valid until April 30th 2021.

 Please email us at info@barberiansbutchershop.com to let us know that YOU referred a new Chop Club member so you can have the discount code sent to you. Make sure to have your referral use this link to sign up and subscribe to Chop Club:


 Your new Chop Club member will receive an email from us to confirm the email subscription and a Discount Code will be included in that email so please let them know to keep that note handy. Simply forward this email to them to signup.

 Chop Club benefits include:

1. A sneak preview of our featured weekly meal kits on Monday nights with the Chop Club Discount (one email per week) a featured wine of the week also provided at a discount. Before they sell out you get a chance to book yours first.

2. Chop Club will always have the inside scoop on upcoming offers and will always get the better price than the general public receives

3. The best butchered steaks in town!

 Sharing is caring Chop Club!  Hind sight is 20/20 so don't miss this opportunity for new subscribers which will be offered until March 31st, 2021.